Address Entry Bug Fixed!

1/8/2020:  Fixed bug which was not allowing the Place Order button to enable when an APO, FPO, or DPO address was entered.
Confirm Pre-Authorized User Info Requires Valid Address

After saving your user info and address, please note the message at the top of the screen.  Non-address information will save successfully even if you have not entered a valid shipping address.  However, the Place Order button will not be enabled until you enter a valid shipping address.  If you enter an invalid shipping address, attempt to correct and click Save again.
Note About Pre-Authorized Users

NOTE! Unless the US Army has explicitly identified you as a pre-authorized user, you will not be able to see the "Pre-Authorized User Option" menu option (even if your CAC credentials appear at the bottom of the page).
Site Maintenance

***** ATTENTION! This Friday, 2021-04-09 (April 9th), this website will be CLOSED for maintenance starting at 0800 (8:00AM) EDT and will re-open on or before 1500 (3:00PM) EDT.  If you have an emergency or priority order that needs to be managed within this maintenance window, please email KYLOC Customer Service at or call 888-255-1131.  Thank you, KYLOC! *****
Site Maintenance

ATTENTION! This website will be closed for maintenance on Monday, September 28th.


The U.S. Army Materiel Acquisition Portal (USAMAP) is provided by the Department of Army (DoA), the Central Management Office (CMO), and the Kentucky Logistics Operation Center (KYLOC). This website provides a method for pre-selected soldiers to order the Army Service Uniform. If your command has pre-authorized you to order on this site, please follow the directions below to place your order.

To Order:
  1. Login with your military CAC via the Login menu option in upper right-hand corner (CAC login is required).
  2. When successfully logged in, select Confirm Pre-Authorized User Info under the Pre-Authorized User Options menu (also in upper right-hand corner).
  3. On the Confirm Pre-Authorized User Info page, enter the required shipping address and user information and click the Save button. Saving this info will enable you to continue with your order.
  4. Click the Place Order button (enabled when you saved your information) or select Place Order under the Pre-Authorized User Options menu.
  5. Follow the remaining screen prompts to place your order. Upon final submit, this site will send your order information to the email address you provided and will de-activate your account (limiting you to one order only). Your order will be fulfilled and shipped to the address you provided when inventory is available.
  6. You can check the status of your order via this website without logging in by selecting Shipping Status under the Registers menu and entering your order Document Number.

Additional information on this website can be obtained via this site's Help menu.

If you have any questions please contact KYLOC CMO TACOM Customer Service at 859-293-3057 or toll free at 888-255-1131 or email