• How do I gain access to the KYLOC Army Reserve system?
  • KYLOC is a civilian contractor, we cannot grant access to the site. You must contact your RRC/MSC Superuser to set up a new user account. If you do not know which RRC you fall under, you must contact one of the G4/S4 in your chain of command.
  • I have forgotten my password, how can I get it re-set?
  • To re-set your password, contact your RRC/MSC Superuser. If you do not know your RRC Superuser, contact KYLOC Customer Service at 888-255-1131 and our personnel will provide you with the necessary contact names/numbers.
  • The address on my shipping label is incorrect, how can I get it changed?
  • KYLOC personnel can only change the POC name on the address label. If you need to change a street address, city, or state, contact your RRC/MSC Superuser. A listing of RRC/MSC Superusers may be found by clicking the "Click Here for Contacts" link on the order placer main menu.
  • Who do I contact for a return? Expedited order?
  • You can contact KYLOC Customer Service Department at 888-255-1131 to request a return or to have an order expedited. Keep in mind that customer service can only assist with orders that have already been approved.

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