"W" Alpha Appended to UICs

Due to system requirements, "W" as been added as a prefix to all UICs.
CAC Login Error

CAC Login from ARNG .MIL networks is currently not working. As a work-around, you can login in via traditional username and password.  If you do not know your password, you can reset it from the login prompt.  KYLOC is attempting to work this issue with NGB.

Thank you,

DODAAC Addresses Now Validated by USPS

Starting Monday, January 27th, DoDAAC add and edit processes will automatically search for and compare address information keyed on this site to the United States Postal Service's (USPS) national address database and will modify your DoDAAC address as necessary.  This USPS validation will not occur on APO, FPO, or DPO addresses...only domestic addresses.
Scheduled Maintenance

ATTENTION! This Friday 21 October at 1000 Hours this website will be unavailable due to schedule maintenance.  The website is not expected be down for longer than two hours.  Thank you, KYLOC.
Site Maintenance

***** ATTENTION! This Friday, 2021-04-09 (April 9th), this website will be CLOSED for maintenance starting at 0800 (8:00AM) EDT and will re-open on or before 1500 (3:00PM) EDT.  If you have an emergency or priority order that needs to be managed within this maintenance window, please email KYLOC Customer Service at custservice@kyloc.com or call 888-255-1131.  Thank you, KYLOC! *****
Site Maintenance

ATTENTION! This website will be closed for maintenance on Monday, September 28th.
User Management Security Enhancement

The User Management page has been updated with security enhancements. If you manage users, you will receive an email with details of this update.  Thank you!


Welcome to the Army National Guard Reset website portal for equipment re-issue! This website is a partnership between National Guard Bureau (NGB), the Army TACOM Central Management Office (CMO), and the Kentucky Logistics Operation Center (KYLOC).

The purpose of the Reset program is to ensure the Warfighter is equipped with the latest required OCIE to dramatically improve the force protection status and allow soldiers to flow smoothly through the ARFORGEN readiness cycle. The OCIE Central Management Office (CMO), in conjunction with the Kentucky Logistics Operation Center (KYLOC), oversee the ARNG Reset logistics to ensure the right equipment gets to the right Army units, at the right time

If you have any questions about this program or website, please contact:

Order Fulfillment National Guard Bureau Website Access & Authorization TACOM - CMO
DSN: 745-3056 DSN: 327-7426 DSN: 745-3057 DSN: 584-0695
CML: 859-293-3056 CML: 703-607-7426 CML: 859-293-3057 CML: 410-436-0695
E-mail: KYLOC Reset POC E-mail: OCIE Item Manager NGB-ILL-E E-mail: US Army TACOM LCMC OCIE CMO KY E-mail: US Army TACOM LCMC OCIE CMO