Accounting History Display Fix

The Accounting History view now displays funding amounts in the proper account columns.
Accounting Screen Updates

* You can now edit funding within the Administration Accounting page for up to 200 DoDAACs on one screen (prior limit was 25).

* The default sort for the all Accounting page(s) is now by the DoDAAC's hierarchy, then by the DoDAAC name (e.g. command-related DoDAACs will show at the very top, etc.).


Due to COVID 19, slowdowns in production, demand at the Recruit Training Centers and the introduction of the AGSU, the Army Service Uniform Coats have been temporarily removed from the KYLOC catalogs.


Although trousers are still on the catalog, some sizes are in high demand so fulfillment may take longer than usual.  As soon as stock levels are increased, we will put the coats back on the catalog  Thanks for your patience.

FY Closeout - Funding Alert

Funding will be zeroed on all accounts at 11:30 pm (ET) on September 14, 2021.
KYLOC Warehouse Management Operations Suspended

Due to a cyber security incident at the Kentucky Logistics Operations Center, all warehouse operations are currently suspended. All customer programs are affected.  Website operations are unaffected and while we will continue to accept orders, there will be significant shipping and billing delays.  Please note that KYLOC cannot currently receive email and the "Report a Problem" feature WILL NOT NOTIFY KYLOC.  We are working on various courses of action so please check back regularly to get the latest information. Please note that order status values will not be updated during this period.

Read-Only Access Level For Users

State Administrators now have the ability to assign the Read Only access level to users as necessary.  Users with the Read Only access level cannot place or approve orders and have no admin access, but can still view Document Registers and Reports. The User Management manual will soon be updated with this information.


Welcome to the NEW ordering portal for the Central Clothing Distribution Center (CCDF), operated by the Kentucky Logistics Operation Center (KYLOC). KYLOC, in conjuction with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) - Troop Support and the Army National Guard (ARNG), has developed this website so that authorized ARNG personnel can requisition pre-approved military materiel.

As of Fall 2021, this website replaces the CCDF website located at

Additional information on this website can be obtained via this site's Help menu.

If you have any questions please contact KYLOC Customer Service at 888-255-1131 or email